What is $CI^2$?

$CI^2$, which stands for Curious Incidents and Crazy Ideas, is an online journal for whoever are interested on sharing their ideas in technical writing forms. It is an online community for anyone who wants to share their technical writing projects within the following genres:

  • Curious incidents, inspiring “bugs”/creative illusions of existing methods/packages
    • Example: the causal implication of linear regression model
  • Crazy thoughts, how a thought would change the field
    • Example: invite PhD candidates to write about their theses
  • (re)search, archaeologist in the literature
    • Example: what is the origin of normal distribution? When does statistics become a science? Ancient devices for computing.
  • Dialogue, interviews with professors, PhD students about their thesis project, alumni, etc.
  • Others …
    • Data visualization, case studies, doomsday prophecy, play-this-game, etc.

Who are we?

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What are the goals?

Why such a journal?

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Final words

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